Dressing sense for CA/CS/CMA Students – How to look professional?

Looking professional in a professional courses like Charted Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS) or Cost and Management Accountant(CMA) is of utmost importance. A successful man is always a noticeable one, and what he chooses to wear reflects his esteem, accomplishments and diligence. Ofcourse in our professional career we should love to live like professionals.

What we wear doesn’t define who we are, people often say this, but nobody can deny that a road to success starts with a sleek suit (and usually finishes with a fancy watch). Being well groomed is, therefore, important for acing the job interview, closing a business deal and conciliating new clients and partners.

How men should enhance their looks :

1. Keep good hygiene and grooming –


You should Schedule a regular haircut, keep your eyebrows trimmed, and if you have any facial hair, make sure you keep it neat. You’ll look better, feel better, and have more confidence when you’re walking down the street. Don\’t forget looks start with good hygiene.

2. Formal attire is important –


We don’t need to be obsessed with clothes to have a good dressing sense. It’s a knowledge-based on understanding what to wear and where? Preferences in dressing changes with the passage of time and age. No matter what, one should always struggle to wear the best of persona displayed through dressing accurately.

Don\’t compromise ever on buying fitted cloths. It’s worth it to be more selective with what you purchase, even if that results in you buying fewer items.

3. Always wear a watch –


Wearing a watch is as important as wearing a tie. Always prefer to wear watch when you go professionally. It boosts your dressing sense. Sure, we all have cell phones that tell us the time, and watches aren’t exactly a necessity anymore, but there’s still something nice about having one on your wrist. Unfortunately, the trend in watches lately has been to wear the gaudiest monstrosity you can find.

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4. Splurge on socks –


It’s easy to just buy basic socks and not put too much thought into them, but good socks really are worth it. Assuming your pants are an appropriate length and don’t look like you borrowed them from your dad’s closet, your socks are going to show every now and then. That means you can spring for some fun patterns or different colors to mix things up from time to time.

5. Take care of your shoes –


Instead of going and buying gold shoes with wings on them, consider taking some time to make the shoes you already own stand out. No matter what kind you’re wearing, though, if your shoes look good, you look good.

6. Change your lazy dazy habits –


If you are lazy how you can be a professional? Read out the defination of being professional and you\’ll find out the way to stop being lazy. You should be active and alive all the time in order to work in a professional atmosphere.

How women should enhance their looks :

When it comes to dressing, most women just prefer to blend in with the crowd. But if you want to spruce up your stylish look, then you need something more than a cute outfit.

Your perfect professional look is the first step to success for corporate girls. You need to learn how to exude fashion and class simultaneously.

1. Dress Sensibly –


Focus on your neck or shoulders if you have narrow shoulders and a wide waist. You can add a scarf or necklace to draw attention.

2. Simpler the Choices, the More Professional You Look.


Some women cover themselves in tons of makeup and go for bold lip colors, even for their office looks. Choose makeup based on the standards of an office space. Do not use any bold colors if they are strict about that; instead use light nude shades. Always do your makeup in natural lighting. 

3. Focus on Eyes


If you ignore your eyes when leaving the house for work, it can lead to a sleepy and tired face. Adding a little mascara to your eyes will make you look fresh. Use eyeliner to get an everyday cat-eye look. We suggest using nude and neutral shades like brown to freshen up your look.

4. Take care of your hairs –


You are never going to stand out in your office unless you have learned to take care of your hair. Wash it regularly. Never go to your office with untidy or oily hair.

Another mistake that many girls do is tie their hair in a loose ponytail. Check online to see how to do a high ponytail. Other easy hairstyles can also be done.

Hope You\’ll now manage to look like professional in every aspects. Its important. Comment below how much you liked this article!

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