EDP for CS Students – Eligibility and How to Complete 15 days e-EDP Online | Complete Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction – What is EDP?

2. Alternative way for completing Executive Development Program

  1. Introduction of 15 Days Executive Development Programme
    (e-Mode)” (New Training Structure) under The Company
    Secretaries (Amendment) Regulations, 2020.
    In accordance with regulation 46BB of the Company Secretaries (Amendment)
    Regulations 2020, students are required to complete One month Executive
    Development Programme (EDP) prior to commencing 21 months Practical
    training. Out of one month, students may undergo 15 Days EDP through
    online mode (e-mode) and 15 Days EDP through classroom mode.
    The Institute has introduced “EDP (15 Days) e-Mode” through its E-Learning
    Portal and the students may enroll for the same through ICSI Stimulate Portal
    i.e. https://stimulate.icsi.edu/ . Eligible students can undergo “EDP (15
    Days) e-Mode” on anytime, anywhere basis within 90 days of their registration.
    In addition to the 15 Days EDP in e-Mode, students are required to complete
    remaining 15 days EDP through classroom mode as per the guidelines of the

1.1 Eligibility: All Students who have passed Executive Programme and wish to
start training under New Training structure as per the Company Secretaries
CS (Amendment) Regulations, 2020.

1.2 Date of Opening of Registration : 03rd February, 2021 (11:00 am on wards)
Programme Fees : Rs. 2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand Only)

1.3 Modalities

  1. “EDP (15 Days) e-Mode” is on anytime, anywhere basis.
  2. For registration, a student need to click on https://stimulate.icsi.edu/ ;
    Use their Smash Login id and Password for logging into the Stimulate
    Portal. Select Short Term Training – Apply for Training and then click on
    the grid showing particulars of training.
  3. Students can access “EDP (15 Days) e-Mode” content via e-learning portal
    of the Institute. The User Id and Password for the same will be sent to
    registered e-mail id within 7 working days from the date of registration.
  4. Students already registered at the e-learning portal may access EDP (15
    Days) e-Mode Course Content through the following link:
  5. Students are required to whitelist the mail ID [email protected] in their registered email id, so that they may get system
    generated email in their inbox.
  6. A student is required to complete all the sessions of EDP (15 Days) e-Mode
    within 90 days from the date of activating their account in the e-learning
    portal for the said training.
  7. Fees for the 15 Days EDP through e-Mode is Rs.2000/- (Rupees Two
    Thousand Only). If any student is not able to complete the training within
    the time frame, then the access to the e-learning portal will be deactivated
    after 90 days and he/she will need to do the remaining part of the training
    after paying 50% of the fees. In case any students is not able to complete
    the training during the extended period, no further extension will be
    allowed and he/she will have to seek fresh registration to the 15 Days
    EDP through e-mode.
  8. Students will be required to undergo the sessions in a sequential manner
    as available on the E-Learning Portal.
  9. Until a session is completed, no student will be allowed to start the next
  10. Students may undergo sessions at any time, any day with full flexibility of selecting the time.
  11. Students are advised NOT to click on the “Mark as Complete” button
    unless the course completion status is 100%.
  12. Once the course completion status becomes 100%, students have to click
    on “Mark as Complete” button to generate the certificate.
  13. e-learning portal User Manual/FAQ: For better utilization portal, students
    may refer the user Manual/FAQ available at the following link :
  14. In case of any query/clarification, students may write to the Institute at
    [email protected]

Download the PDF to know about complete steps. Click here

2. Alternative way for completing Executive Development Program

If any student of earlier training structure (i.e. such students who have taken registration in Executive Program on or before 31.03.2014) is completing 3 days eGovernance & 5 days Skill Development of 15 days Academic Program, it will be treated equivalent to completing of 08 days’ EDP. In such case, fees applicable to all students to undergo 3 days e-Governance and 5 days Skill Development shall be payable by him/her also.

e-EDP Certificate Upload

The Completion certificate need to be uploaded in stimulate portal
under short term training (upload your certificate option) in order to
get your completion approved as to enable you to register in the next
programme as per the series requirement.Before, uploading the document, please tick mark the undertaking given therein.


FAQs on EDP are given in a PDF file.

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