How to appear for pretest & ODOP | CS Executive Pretest & ODOP

For students enrolled in the CS Executive programme, the ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) has instituted a mandatory pre-examination test & One-day Orientation Programme. To take the CS Executive Examinations, candidates must pass this pre-examination test & ODOP Before requesting exam enrollment, the Pre-Examination Test for the CS Executive Program must be passed with a passing score.

How to attend Pre-test examination

1. Login E-learning Portal here using your credentials.
2. Click on My Course
3. Pre Examination Guidelines page will open.
4. Click on Assessment Tab given just below paper name.
5. Tick the checkbox displaying (I have read and understood the instructions and agree to
adhere to them).
6. Click on “I am ready to begin” to go to assessment screen.

Pre-exam Test Pattern

The pattern of Pre-Examination Test will be as follows :
a) Online Computer Based
b) The student can take the test from his home, cyber cafe or any other location.
c) Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type with negative marking of 25% of the allotted marks.
d) Result of the test would be available immediately on completion of the test.
e) Result of the test would be linked with the enrolment process for examination.
f) The questions will be categorized as per three difficulty levels i.e. Easy, Medium and Tough and shall have a ratio of 30:40:30 in the overall marking scheme.

Duration of Pre-Examination Test: 60 Minutes; Total Number of Questions: 50; Total Marks: 100.

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Important points to be noted for Pre-test examination

1. You are required to complete the Pre-Exam Test of subjects covered under Module-1 only if you are appearing for Module 1 only & complete the Pre-Exam Test of remaining modules separately before seeking enrolment to examinations of such Module(s).

2. The Pre-Examination Test will be valid for future sessions of examinations for the respective subjects and students will NOT have to clear the Pre-Examination Test each time they are seeking enrolment to main examinations.

3. Students who have cleared the Offline Test in specific subjects after undergoing Class Room
Teaching session in the Regional and Chapter Offices shall be exempted from the specific subjects of Online Pre-Examination Test.

4. The Pre-Examination Test will be a qualifying test to assess the level of preparation of thestudents before appearing in the main examinations. The marks scored in the Pre-Examination Test will NOT be used for computing the results of the main CS examinations.

How many times I can appear for pre-exam?

Students may appear unlimited times in Pre-Examination Test after receiving Login Credentials but they shall be able to appear in the Pre-Examination Test only ONCE in a day and the second attempt can only be made after 8 hours. If student closes/exits the browser by mistake it will take 70 second to launch depending on internet connectivity. Further Students shall try to clear Pre-Test well before his due date to fill main examination form to avoid closing days rush.

What is One Day Orientation Programme in CS Executive

ODOP is a one-day workshop, similar to any seminar held by ICSI Chapter Offices, that teaches students about various CS course components, their benefits, and how to set themselves up for success as future CS. You can ask questions about studying and exams and connect with other fellow CS students as well.

Students registered in CS Executive Programme of Company Secretaryship Course of ICSI are required to undergo a compulsory ‘One Day Orientation Programme’ in order to enroll for CS Examination.

There is no Cut Off Date for attending the One Day Orientation Programme (ODOP).

But students cannot enroll for main exams of CS Executive before attending ODOP. Thus it is advisable to attend it as soon as possible after taking admission in CS Executive with ICSI.

How to attend ODOP in CS Executive? Online ODOP & Offline ODOP

Students can undergo this Orientation Programme at ICSI’s Regional Offices, ICSI Chapters, Study Centres. Just call or email your nearest chapter office and ask for available ODOP Programme & it\’s scheduled time.

Students, who cannot attend this programme physically, may attend this programme Online.

Steps to attend ODOP online for CS Executive

To attend ICSI ODOP Online, student shall login to the e-learning portal of ICSI.

Now download the PDF ( Click on PDF word) to see complete guidelines on how to attend ODOP online.

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