How to apply for Denovo to ICSI | CS registration extension full guide

The registration to CS Student is valid for a period of five years from the month
of registration in Executive Programme. Students whose registration gets expired on completion of five years period shall be required to get the validity of registration renewed till passing the Professional Programme Stage.
The details of fee payable Fee as prescribed by the Council from time to time and
eligibility conditions shall be as under:

Eligibility for Denovo

• If Executive/Professional programme Students apply for Registration de-novo within
two years of the expiry of former
registration then charges are ₹2000/-

• If such students fail to apply for Registration de-novo within two years of expiry Registration, they may still seek Registration
de-novo within a maximum period of five years from the expiry of former registration by paying ₹3000/-

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Important points to remember

1. Please note that on approval of Registration Denovo request, the registration of the student shall be renewed for a period of
five years from the date of receipt of such request with requisite fee in the
Institute. He/She shall be deemed for all purposes to have been admitted as a fresh registered student except that he/she shall be entitled to claim exemption, without payment of any exemption fee, from individual subject or group or module of the Executive Programme Examination and Professional Programme Examination, previously
secured by his/her under his/her former
registration with the Institute, as the case may be.

2. Students may seek Registration Denovo for
any number of times as per requirement.

3. A student, who has passed the Professional
Programme examinations at any time during the validity of such registration, may
continue to undergo the training as may be
required during the balance period of validity of the registration.

4. If Executive student fails to apply for Registration Denovo within five years from expiry of former registration, his/ her registration shall be cancelled and all benefits accrued shall be withdrawn.

5. Students may please note that while granting Registration Denovo, Study Materials
shall not be issued to the students. Study materials, if any, required by them may be purchased from the Institute by remitting the requisite amount separately as the
cost of study materials is not covered under the Registration Denovo Fee.

6. Students belonging to Physically Handicapped Category and SC/ST Category shall be required to remit only 25% and 50% respectively of the lump sum fee applicable for General Category Students as mentioned above for seeking Registration Denovo.

Last dates to apply for denovo

9th April (Last for enrollment to June Session of examination with Late Fee)

10th October (Last for enrollment to December Session of examination with Late Fee)

How to apply for Denovo?

Students can read full user manual of how to apply for Denovo to ICSI by clicking here

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