How to Login to Smash & E-learning Portal of ICSI – Reset Password Guide

As students are facing many login related issues on ICSI smash & e-learning portal. So we have brought to you complete guide for login, password resetting and complaint platform to solve your issues asap!

Login to Smash Portal

Smash portal is for ICSI registered students for all their needs. Click here to login.

Username is your Registration Number.
Password is what you have set or if you never set password then click on forgot and create a new one.

How to Reset Smash Password?

If you have forgot your login credentials then click here to reset password.

User ID is the first ICSI course registration number. For example:
1. If you have ever registered in foundation course of ICSI then foundation registration number will be your User Id.
2. If you have directly registered in executive course of ICSI then executive
registration number will be your User Id.
– Enter Verification code and click on Submit button as shown below.

Registration Number is the current course registration number.
Mobile and Email Id (address) is your registered mobile and email with ICSI.
– OTP expires in 15 minutes. Click on Resend button in case OTP expires.

– After entering OTP it will ask for new password. Enter the New Password and Confirm the same. While entering new password, please ensure that the password containts atleast one character in Uppercase (A), one character in Lowercase (a), one Special Character(@) & one Numerical character (1). For example Student@123.

– Click on OK button, you are now you are ready to login to the new portal and avail the Online Services.
Visit the and login to your Online Account by entering your User Id (Registration Number) and the newly created password.

Login to e-learning Portal

For giving ODOP & Pre-exam you need to login on e-learning portal. Click here to login.

For members: Membership Number
For Students: Registration Number (without Slash sign)
For others: Your 10 digit Mobile number

Password: Default password is Learn@1234

How to Reset e-learning password?

If you forgot your login information then click here to reset password.

Login ID is your registration number For example:
– Enter Captcha
Select Reset Password via email or OTP
– Click on Submit button.

– A link will be sent to you on email or via OTP depends on mode you selected for creating new password. After that login again to E-learning Portal with new credentials.

Still facing issues?

You can raise a complaint to ICSI if your problem still persists. That’s only way remains.

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