How to overcome fear of facing result?

You don\’t face results; they won\’t fight a war with you. You simply get the results of your past efforts.

Results are valuable to identify two critical aspects-

  1. What you did right?
  2. What you did wrong?

Study them and use them as a statistics to identify mistakes and improve in future.

If you use them to regret over the past or you worry about how other people would react; this is when you fail.

‘Failures are the stones which you can use to build a wall of success, or you can bang your head on them, your choice.’

The ICSI CS Professional & CS Executive Result Dec 2020 result will be declared on 25th Feb 2021

1. Be Strong Enough to Face Every Challenge


Never try to underestimate your abilities. In fact, realize your strengths and have faith in them. The way you think of yourself affects your ability to face life’s challenges. If you think that you are weak or a loser, then most likely you will fulfill the prophecy by stop trying after a few initial attempts whereas if you believe yourself as a strong and resilient person then you will definitely turn the failure to success by trying hard until you achieve your goal. Actually, a success without struggle is tasteless. In fact, the real mantra to succeed is, ‘Struggle everyday and learn everyday.’ Never let any hurdle to stop you cross the victory line. Hard work will always furnish you. Be an inspiration for others. Remember, ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win.’

2. Many Opportunities are Waiting Ahead


Guys, life has a bundle of opportunities to offer you. Never take a bad result as the end of your life. Life will offer you many more chances to prove yourself and succeed. Taking an exam and not being able to do good in it does not make you a failure. It’s better to take this as a lesson for future and try again to reach the peak of success. You accept the fact that you can’t back in time. The only option you are left with is to grab many other good opportunities coming in your way. Do not let this one failure to throw your life in trouble. Just enjoy the time you have now.

3. No Event is Bigger Than Your Life


Every year, when the results are announced, we get to hear about many students, who failed in the exam, committing suicide. I can’t understand that how could an event be bigger than your life? Actually, those who dump their lives barely for the reason of having scored less or failed, must be going through deep depression. Such over sensitive students must be given extra attention by teachers and parents, to help them escape the sheer stress. Dear students, you may get remarks from your parents and other close ones, but they care about you more than your any exam result. For them, you are more important than your marks. Try to conquer the fear of failure. Life is precious. Do not waste it mourning about what you lost, instead cheer it up thinking what you can gain.

4. Counter Fear With Confidence


Confidence is the key to conquer fear of ICSI, ICAI or any Exam Results. Either you score less or more, it acts well in each case. In case of failure, you should be confident enough to surmount the situation and do better in future. On the other hand, if you score really well, even then you should have great confidence to take this success ahead in future. When you take an action with confidence and surety, everything will come to your favour. Confidence has always been the key to success, anywhere and everywhere.

All the Very Best!!!

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