How to switch over to ICSI New Syllabus 2022 from Old Syllabus 2017 | CS Executive New Syllabus 2022

The Institute of Company Secretaries in India (ICSI) has notified that candidates who
have registered under the CS Executive old syllabus (2017) can switch over to CS
Executive new syllabus (2022) comprising 7 papers.

Before commencing their preparations, candidates are advised to have insights about
the new syllabus that they need to cover.

Process to switchover from old syllabus 2017 to new syllabus 2022 is available at the following

Corresponding Exemptions from 2017 Syllabus to 2022 Syllabus (Applicable for Switchover Students)

Effective dates of Switchover

If student wishes to switchover from old syllabus 2017 to new syllabus 2022, such students may please note the followings:

• Date of Activation of Switchover under ICSI Syllabus 2022 is April 10, 2023

• First Examination under ICSI Syllabus 2022 will be from December 2023 session.

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Important highlights

1. Students are not required to pay any charges for switchover to the new syllabus 2022.
2. Study Materials under New Syllabus 2022, if required, will have to be purchased by
students from the sale centers of the Institute at HQ/ROs/COs, subject to availability
of stock against payment of requisite cost or via E-cart option available at Institute’s
3. Students switching over from Old Syllabus 2017 to New Syllabus 2022 of Executive
Programme shall also be required to successfully complete a Pre-Examination Test to become eligible, for enrolling in the main examinations. Detailed FAQ on the Pre-
Examination Test may be seen at the following link :
4. Students switching over from Old Syllabus 2017 to the Executive Programme New
Syllabus 2022 should use the link as below to pay the fee of Rs.1000/- on
5. Reverse switchover is not permissible. 6. Complete details related to the topics and subtopics included in the CS Executive new
syllabus 2022 are available at the following URL:

For any clarification/ information on the matter, students may please submit their query at support portal :

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