ICSI New traning structure 2020

Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) in February 2020 revised the various training structures, The new structure came in effect from 3rd February. After it, all the CS Students registering in ICSI Executive programme from 3rd February 2020 have to follow the revised training structure. In this new 24 months Practical and training based training, CS students will get a platform to develop their competencies and skills such as managerial and leadership capabilities.

The New Training Structure

Candidates who have passed CS Executive have to undergo:

  1. One month Executive Development Programme (EDP) For Soft and IT skills.
  2. 21 Month practical training at Industry or practicing Company secretary.

In other words, If you qualified the CS Executive exams in or after December 2019 they such students have to go through 1 year 9 Month Articleship Under practicing CS along with 1 month EDP for development of IT skills.

The traning can also be done in Professional level or after passing Professional level.

Received information states that For Students who have qualified the Professional Programme and also completed Practical training the CLDP which is an acronym for Corporate Leadership Development Program is the last stage of training.

CLDP is a residential programme of One or  two months period and it improves the communication, managerial, legal, and IT skills which are very vital for Company Secretary Profession.

FAQS related to traning-

Q1. How can I login into stimulate portal?
Ans: students are required to login in stimulate portal through their smash login details. We wish to clarify that student can log in stimulate portal only through the Smash log in credentials.

Q2. How can I submit my documents of practical training under the stimulate portal?
Ans: After login into your account, you have to choose the option of long term training>click on long term training ,specialized training request and then form will open in your screen (i.e. Request for Training Registration) fill all required fields and upload your documents and submit your request.

Q3. How do I know that my training request has been approved?
Ans: IF your training is approved by the Institute than in your training grid which will be available under the tab of long term training your approval status will change as approved. Apart this you will also get automated messages from system on the status of your training.

Q4. How can I generate sponsorship letter of my training through the online portal?
Ans: You have to generate the sponsorship letter at your end by choosing the option of long term
training> generate sponsorship letter.

Q5. How Can I update my NOC in the portal and apply for balance training?
Ans: In case of transfer/balance training you need to first update the details of NOC in the portal, you
may choose the option of long term training>click on long term training ,specialized training
request and the click on transfer of training fill all required fields correctly upload your NOC and submit your request. Once you upload the NOC in the portal than you may apply for Balance Training through the tab
long term training >>balance training registration please fill details correctly and submit your request.

Q6. How can I generate pre sponsorship letter from portal?
Ans: You may generate pre sponsorship letter from the tab of Long term training >>>click on the option of Generate Pre Sponsorship letter.

Q7. How to check/confirm that my trainer is registered with the Institute for imparting training?
Ans: if the Company/PCS is registered with the Institute for the purpose of imparting training than his/her name will be available in the tab of select PCS/Company . If you are not finding your trainer details it means the trainer is not registered with the Institute for training purpose.

Q8. How do I come to know which training structure is applicable to me?
Ans: You may check training applicability yourself from your account. You are required to complete
all trainings available in your profile in sequence.

Q9. How can we submit the training completion certificate of training?
Ans: After completion of training and approval of all quarterly reports and project report, you can upload your completion certificate while login into your account.

Q10. What is the process of Company/PCS registration with the Institute for imparting training?
Ans: The interested Trainers can submit their request for registration through stimulate portal by clicking the following link https://stimulate.icsi.edu/Pcs/pcs.
Please note that trainers those who are already registered with the institute need not to submit any request through portal for re registration.

Q11. Those company/pcs/ other entities which are already registered with the institute are also
required to registered through stimulate?
Ans: No, there is no requirement to re registered through portal.


Q 13. Who has to submit the quarterly report and where?
Ans: Your trainer has to submit the quarterly report. Every trainer has their log in credentials and
separate page of long term training from where he/she may submit the quarterly report of his/her trainee. However, it will be the responsibility of the trainee to get it done.

Q 14. How do my trainer will get log in credentials?
Ans: The trainers registered through Portal will get the user id/unique code through system. Further the Institute has already shared log in credentials with all the registered trainers in their
email ids, but in case any trainer is not able to find his log in credentials , they may submit their request through the grievance portal.

Q 15. The trainees details are not showing in trainers account. Why?
Ans: This may happen due to the following conditions:

  1. Please advise your trainee to generate sponsorship letter from his account
  2. Please advise your trainee to at least log in once in the stimulate portal.
  3. It may happen that the trainer registered with the ICSI one or more time and having two or
    more PCSA code.
    If the still trainer could not able to find his trainee details , they may submit their request through
    the grievance portal.

Q 16. What is the procedure to submit the project report?
Ans: You may submit the project report from the tab of long term training >>>>>update training


Q 17. How can I apply for various short term training applicable to me?
Ans: In the portal you may check the schedule of training which will be organize by the Chapter/Regional offices , as per you convenience you may apply for the training programme by making online payment.
Please note that you need to complete all short term training which is applicable to you in sequence only, the system will not you to apply you don’t complete the requirement of previous
training . For example if you are doing training under earlier training structure than only after completing EDP and updating the records in portal you may apply for PDP, similarly, if 15 days academic programme is applicable to you than you may complete and update 02 days induction program than only you may apply for next trainings/programme.

Q 18. How can I upload/submit short term training completion certificate in the stimulate

Ans: You may upload the completion certificate of various training from your account by using the tab of short term training>>>>upload completion certificate.

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