ICSI relaxed in conducting offline training programmes

Due to recent surge of Covid 19 cases in India, the ICSI temporary relaxed all types of training programmes which are conducted in offline mode.

As per notification, all the physical batches of training programmes which
are being organised by ICSI Regional Offices, CCGRT, CoE, and various
chapters are hereby suspended with immediate effect.

However, students need to complete all applicable training programmes through online mode.

Click here to read the official notification

Which all training programmes are relaxed?

1. 15 days classroom mode Executive
Development Programme (EDP)

2. 15 days Academic Development Programme (ADP)

3. 8 days EDP & 24 hours
Professional Development Programme (PDP)

4. One Day Orientation Programme (ODOP)

5. Corporate
Leadership Development Program (CLDP)

6. The relaxation in the eligibility criteria for applying e MSOP, i.e- ‘temporary removal of requirement of two years’ time bar between passing Professional Programme Examination and e-MSOP
registration’ , is further relaxed upto 30th September 2021.

Where can we attend online?

• You can attend EDP, ADP, PDP through On-line by Regional offices, CCGRT, CoEs and all eligible chapters of ICSI.

• ODOP you can attend online on ICSI e learning portal or can attend
the On-line ODOP being organized by Regional offices, and all eligible chapters of ICSI through virtual mode.

• E-MSOP on e-learning portal. The eligible students can register by clicking here

• CLDP online through webinar mode to be organized by CCGRT/CoE.

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