Shuchita Prakashan Scanner Company Law and Practice (Paper 2 | Module I New Syllabus 2022


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Company Law and Practice (Paper 2 | Module I | CS Executive) Scanner – Including questions and solutions | New Syllabus | Applicable for Dec. 2023 Exam | Green Edition

• New Syllabus 2022

• Edition: 35th latest

• Applicable for Dec 23/June 24 exams

A 10 years’ complete question and answer series which include questions of last 20 attempts of various levels of CA ,CS and CMA examinations, Categorized chapter-wise, for step-by-step, extensive and perfect preparation and practice. It helps in finding examination trend through multiple comparisons and analysis of questions. Quick traceability- reference of the page numbers of Suggested Answers for every question. Birdâ€s eye view of question paper based contents for five attempts. Chapters include hints, applicable securities and case laws with questions. Inital title pages include graphs showing marks allotment of last three examinations amongst objective, short notes, distinguish between, descriptive questions and practical problems. Where as table showing importance of chapter on the basis of marks list of similarly asked questions given at the end of every chapter. Line chart showing relative importance of chapters. Now solved scanner are available with 2 practice papers attached at the back.


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