Taxmann’s CRACKER Scanner for Company Law (Paper 2 | Company Law)


Product Description

This book is prepared exclusively for the Executive Level of Company Secretary Examination requirement. It covers the questions & detailed (point-wise) answers strictly as per the syllabus of ICSI.

The Present Publication is the 7th Edition for CS-Executive | Old Syllabus | Dec. 2023 Exam. This book is authored by CS N.S. Zad & CS Divya Bajpai, with the following noteworthy features:
Coverage of this book includes
o Fully-Solved Questions of the Past Exams (including the June 2023 Exam)
o [Topic-wise Arrangement of Questions] for Past Exams
[Point-wise Answers] for Quick Revision
[Most Amended & Updated] Covers the latest applicable provisions and amendments under the respective laws
[Amendment-Based Questions] Questions and Answers based on the latest amendments are provided
[Chapter-wise Marks Distribution] from June 2015 onwards
[Previous Exam Trend Analysis] from Dec. 2019 onwards

The contents of this book are as follows:
Introduction to Company Law
Prospectus and Alteration of Share Capital
Shares and Share Capital
Debt Instruments and Deposits
Distribution of Profits and Dividends
Corporate Social Responsibility
Accounts, Audit and Auditors
Transparency and Disclosures
Inter-Corporate Loans, Investments, Guarantees and Security, Related Party Transactions
Registers and Records
An Overview of Corporate Reorganization
Introduction to MCA-21 and filing in XBRL
Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) and their remuneration
Meeting of the Board and its Committees
Virtual Meetings
Legal Framework Governing Company Secretaries
Secretarial Standards Board
Global Developments
Mega Firms
Amendment-Based Questions for Practice


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